Faculty of Informatics – Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)


The group teaches academic courses spanning the PhD, MSc and BSc programmes. This page summarizes the courses offered in the Spring and Fall semesters of 2022. Course material is available on iCorsi for enrolled students (upon authentication).


Dynamic Program Analysis
4 ECTS – Spring
The course teaches the principles of dynamic program analysis and instrumentation in the context of Java and the Java Virtual Machine.
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Advanced Java Programming
6 ECTS – Fall
The course teaches advanced concepts of Java programming, such as generic, functional and concurrent programming, as well as principles of dynamic program analysis on the Java Virtual Machine.

Introduction to Programming
6 ECTS – Fall
This course gives an introduction to programming with the Java programming language.


Programming Fundamentals 3
6 ECTS – Fall
The course teaches concepts of concurrent and parallel programming, parametric polymorphism and functional programming.