Faculty of Informatics – Università della Svizzera italiana (USI)


ADRENALIN-RV is a framework for runtime verification on Android. It weaves monitoring code at load time and is able to instrument all loaded classes. In addition to the default classes inside the application package (APK), ADRENALIN-RV covers both the Android class library and libraries loaded at runtime from the storage, network, or dynamic generation, which static weaving won’t be able to monitor.


More information on ADRENALIN-RV (including in-depth descriptions, downloads, examples, and documentation) can be found on the tool webpage.

Key Publications

[1] Haiyang Sun, Andrea Rosà, Omar Javed, Walter Binder: ADRENALIN-RV: Android Runtime Verification Using Load-Time Weaving. ICST 2017: 532-539 [pdf]